Kellee Rich, E-RYT is a yoga instructor, healer & AIReal Yoga certified instructor, mother, yogini, poet & writer located in Lake Tahoe, CA.  She travels and tours  with Wanderlust Festivals, teaching AIReal Yoga, and is a nationally recognized yoga teacher.  With over 4000 hours of teaching experience, 350+ hours of Yoga Alliance Certified training hours, and a true love of yoga, each day she’s living the dream.  Kellee has had Lyme Disease for over 26 years and has used yoga as medicine, and as a means of survival after two major strokes landed her in a wheelchair.  AIReal Yoga assisted in bring back Quality-Of-Life, and has many therapeutic applications. Fully recovered from the strokes and in remission from Lyme, Kellee celebrates life every day and brings love, peace, light and magic to every class she teaches.

Practicing yoga as a means  of cross-training for competitive snow sports from as early as 1994, Kellee has always held a love and knowledge of what yoga can do for the mind, body and soul.  It wasn't until she suffered a stroke in August of 2012 that paralyzed her right-side, that yoga became a means for survival.  When several doctors became puzzled as to the cause of the stroke, at the young age of 32, she turned to yoga.  In February of 2013, she suffered a second, more severe stroke, that landed her in a wheelchair.  During this difficult time she again turned to yoga, practicing Bikram on a rigorous daily basis for six months.  In June of 2013, she was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  After months of green-algae shots, and other intense integrative treatments, alongside a daily yoga practice, Kellee rehabilitated and was able to walk again.  Soon after, she re-discovered Vinyasa Flow and Bhakti yoga, and since this time of healing, Kellee has dedicated her practice to the teachings of beauty, grace and patience that make Bhakti the yoga of love and devotion.  Kellee was in remission for two and a half years, and is again living with the Disease.  Yoga helps ease Lyme symptoms and gives her quality of life. Kellee finally fulfilled her dreams of becoming a yoga teacher when she completed her 200-HR Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training in June of 2014.  "It's a choice to be a survivor, to choose life over suffering ... "  -K.Rich, July 2014.

Kellee fuses music, passion, poetry and meditation into her classes, exercising the union of breath and motion, and the balance between effort and ease.  She teaches yoga and meditation, with a heavy reliance on Sankalpa (intention) both on and off the mat. Everyone at every level welcome.  She encourages and inspires her students to find self-empowerment, peace, love, light and magic.  Her classes offer comprehensive instruction and immersion into Flow Fundamentals that establish the essential building blocks of the yoga tradition: conscious awareness and breathing (pranayama), proper alignment, individual and community intentions, meditation, mudra, mantra and chanting, coupled with moving music and creative flow-sequences. These stepping-stones lead to what lies beyond ... Manifestation and Transformation!  

To thine own self be true.  Nothing is impossible!

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